Health care industry has always starved for innovation for decades. While the era is blossoming towards digitalization and globalization, our company has sensed some desperate need of software which will instead make the pharmacy workflow more segregated, uninformed, and highly organized. Our team at Citta Solutions has been committed to delivering solutions for the software designs which focuses on all the acquired steps from receiving a prescription to dispensing medication to maintaining confidentiality, in small a lump sum of pharmacy as a whole.

The core program features we have considered are as following for robust pharmacy management

  • Right patient, Right drugs

    As a flexible solution, it essentially assists in keeping a sorted list of patients’ files, profile, the contact including all the health care data through the pharmacy and laboratory work data wherever applies. Moreover, when filling a prescription, the software will not let a pharmacist proceed and fill the prescription in case of a close interaction or critical contraindications found with the prescribed medication and the ones patient has already been using except when a proper professional judgment and intervention has been used.

  • Ease of access

    The software delivered so far uses a wire system which works as a virtual toll-free data access line, where potential clients call and request refills for their eligible prescriptions. How about saving time running back and forth for the order and wait for the medications to be ready to pick up, preferably a free line is pretty much self-explanatory for the approximately wait period before the meds are ready to be picked up.

  • Well settled business

    Last but not least, although pharmacist being a middleman between practitioners and the public, the pharmacy itself is a business at the end of the day. The software offers automated orders after searching for best quota at a fair amount of markup and best quality products available in the field and delivery protocols those are set before sending an order with just one click. This certainly ensures no pharmacy energy, either monetary or apprehension, is wasted upon figuring out how when, and where to create the inventory orders ready.

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