One of the most promising solutions that we have been designing is the courier company management software. Systems and methods being implemented as a software solution to the clients, are designed to cover complete flow of receiving stuffs, letter, consignments from the sender to sort it properly, creating proper channel by analyzing the address and sending to the receiver in the most effective and quickest manner through each of the channels and layers of courier boys to transportation network. For arranging delivery of an item sent from the seller or sender to an automated collection point by searching one of the available couriers. The multiplicity of couriers may be stored in a databank accessible by the e-tailer, either locally or remotely. The courier may be selected by price. In personifications, the user is sent a plurality of costs for delivering the item to a collection point by the unique identification of couriers. In some such epitomes, the system then selects the courier with the lowest price. When updated by the personnel handling the courier, the system may also regulate regardless of whether couriers listed in the databank deliver to the requested automated collection point.

A string identifier designed sends the e-tailer to the customer via the web. The string identifier may designate an identifier for the courier.

Moreover, if we talk about shipping courier services, efficient shipping and timely immensely help in maintaining a high standard of customer service and fulfillment to assure maximum operational efficiency regarding swiftness and revenue.

Administrating team must make difficult decisions regarding courier fleet size, routing, and arrangement to balance these conflicting goals and to minimize overall system costs. We present a microcomputer-based decision support system (DDS) that helps managers make good decisions for their vehicle courier services in urban areas. Our solution helps in establishing the correct number of vehicles, the appropriate collection routes, the timing of the routes and a view of the check flow pattern into the procedure center. As a whole, it provides the best inventory management for the possible optimization and performance.

The illustration is just an overview and illustration of innovation that gets implied by our team at Citta Solutions. Digitalization, cross verification, proper use of e -taller, channelizing makes the system unique, useful, and simple yet powerful.

Embodiment for Courier solutions:
  • Order management & Collection

  • Sorting

  • Accounting

  • Logistics

  • Order planning

  • Order consolidation

  • Carrier selection process

  • Load release

  • Freight claim management

  • Freight payment/reconciliation process

  • Proof of delivery

  • Inventory management

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Courier Management Software

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