As we provide a variety of solutions to retail business, one of the famous and proven works that Citta Solution has done is for jewelry, ornament management software. Our services in this field have gained popularity and promising reputation with the status of most reliable, productive and profitable system for managing jewelry business. Today in the era of digitalization the absolute requirement is staying up front with the technological advancements. The primary focus is on, creating managing repository, managing stock, inventory organization, track, progress, demand analysis, customer cataloging, accounts, preferential customer analysis, etc. The solution that we have been designing helps jewelry retail showrooms, wholesale business houses, customers, employees, and manufacturers across the complete lifecycle of any particular product’s lifetime.

AI alike system decoded each customer genome for their preferences and analyzed purchase pattern with the exploitation of the latest technological web-based and cell phone-based server-driven data management system. We, at Citta, offer the most suitable and apt solutions for automation and computerization of jewelry business management. Generally for the chain of showrooms, integrating the business processes of each showroom and getting the work done through staff is a challenge. We follow the marketing strategy in a way that customer gets merely into the severe affection to the system and shop owned by our client.

The core focus values are:

  • Control:

    The system should enable an administrative team of clients or the to control all the critical activities of business whether they are physically at the showroom or somewhere else in the showroom.

  • Error Proofing:

    Since the majority of issues are created due to silly or straightforward mistakes done by the operators and usually such issues cost very dearly to the organization, the system should focus on the typical processes to be followed which can eradicate the possibility of almost all such errors.

  • Risk Management:

    In the world of fierce competition, the system should ensure that all the critical business secrets should remain intact and the same time staff can perform all the routine tasks without requiring password or key from the top management or owners.

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