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"your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points."

- Jonah Sachs

Citta is an

end-to-end solution that relies on unique ideas, better understanding, and stateof-art executions.— we swiftly integrate your existing marketing modules with our branding efforts to deliver you the finest of outcomes.

Branding By Citta
On the outside, your brand may seem like it consists only of elements such as logos and colors.

Why Branding

but your brand is actually the entire identity of your business. Your brand gives you personality.

Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

  • Ensures your brand stands out and cuts through in its category – it gives customers a reason to choose your brand over competitors.
  • Creates customers with a predisposition towards your brand, and an increased willingness to try it.
  • Shortens the sales cycle.
  • Enables your brand to charge and sustain a price premium.
  • Enables your brand to build trust with its key stakeholder's customers, employees, shareholders, distributors, partners, intermediaries, etc.
  • It creates loyal customers, advocates, and even evangelists, out of those who buy lowers sensitivity to price increases.
  • Attracts and retains the best employee talent and the financial pay-off.

Our Services

Citta’s branding services can help companies with any aspect they might be struggling with, whether they need to create a brand identity from scratch or simply find a better way to communicate their core messaging and company values.

A website can change how people perceive your brand, it can drive new business, and increase brand value – but it can also do the opposite if done wrongly or not at all.

Website Development

– but it can also do the opposite if thought in website experience is done wrongly or not at all.

Websites are an essential tool for businesses to establish their credibility and build trust with their customers. The entire process includes comprehensive & creative thinking on every note.

  • Research & Understanding
  • Website Architecture
  • Design Aesthetics
  • Content Inventory
  • Website Development
  • Website Testing
Brand image is important for any business. When consumers buy a product or service, they aren’t just buying a product or service.

Brand Identity

They’re buying what your brand stands for. That’s why it’s so important to design your brand image to convey exactly what you want it to say.

Brand identity includes logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging, and it complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand. Brand identity attracts new customers to a brand while making existing customers feel at home.

  • Brand Book
  • Revamping & Creating Logo
  • Revamping & Creating Tagline
  • Brochures
  • Marketing Mailers
  • Communication Templates
When searching for a service or product online, users are more likely to choose one of the top five suggestions that the search engine shows them.

Search Engine Optimization

When done correctly, SEO can help your brand stand above others as a trustworthy company and further improve the user’s experience with your brand and website.

SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. A higher ranking when someone searches a term in your industry increases your brand’s visibility online.

  • On-Site SEO
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Content
  • Local SEO
  • Off-Site SEO
  • Link Building
  • Audience Analysis
  • Mobile SEO
  • Blog Writing
With SMO, you can ensure a strong web presence for the business and establish the internet authority of the brand.

Social Media Optimisation

It not only introduces people to the business but also helps in branding, improving brand visibility and recall.

Working with SMO can help to strengthen your brand & boost the visibility of your products which in turn helps you to get new clients for your business & increase sales. It helps connect all of your social media accounts in a cohesive, consistently branded network that points your potential customers where you want them to go.

  • Research & Analysis
  • Creating an audience persona
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Strategy Integration
Corporate branding helps customers relate to a business and identify a wide range of product offers over time.

Corporate Branding

Its aim is to create a consistent corporate image through the interplay of corporate strategy, business activity, and brand stylistics.

Effective branding minimizes the need for large marketing initiates for every new product as the consumer has a pre-set understanding of the product’s quality, reliability, and purpose.

  • Corporate Presentation
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Business Cards
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Inhouse Branding
  • Creating SOP’s
  • Infrastructure Branding
Corporate videos should clearly communicate what your brand is about, what the unique value proposition your product or services have to offer.

Corporate Videos

why your company should be considered over your competition, and how you plan on delivering high-quality service.

A beautifully crafted corporate video can help to showcase your company profile along with the products and services. It is an affected way to reach more clients and customers, create the best impression of your brand and products.

  • Company Corporate Video
  • Product/Service Video
  • Client Testimonial
  • Employee Testimonial
  • Interview
  • Event Video
  • Introduction Video
First impressions are very important, and your packaging is often a consumer’s first introduction to the product.

Product Branding

Many retailers often group similar products on shelves, so the need to separate your products from the competition is highly important.

It’s not just important, it’s necessary. In a crowded, competitive world where you’re up against millions of other brands for your consumers’ attention, time, and money, you can’t afford to not stand out.

  • Product Packaging
  • Product Photography
  • Product Design
  • Product Promotion
  • Product Launch Event
  • Product Brand Elements
It’s time to join the big league and go digital! Digital advertising is now the new norm.

Digital Advertising

Identifying the best digital advertising for your product/service and then creating & optimizing your relevant ad as per the targeted strategy.

Digital technology is giving marketers a breadth of new tools, allowing them to be more focused and strategic. Digital advertising simply makes sense if you want to get your message, campaign, or promotion in front of your audience.

  • Display Ads
  • Native Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Ads
  • Email Marketing
Outdoor advertising is a very important form of advertising as the ads are huge and are visible to one and all.

Outdoor Branding

Outdoor advertising communicates the message to the general public through highway billboards, transit posters, and so on.

No matter what size of your business, if developing your brand and obtaining maximum exposure of your product is of importance to you, outdoor advertising should be a consideration.

  • Billboard Advertising
    - Static
    - Mobile
    - Digital
    - Creative Billboard
  • Lamp Post
  • Guerilla Advertising
  • Transit Advertising
  • Retail Advertising
TV advertising delivers a huge business advantage. It can drive market share, people trust TV and it provides scale and reaches.

Broadcast Advertising

Other advantages of advertising on television are the ability to target specific audiences and expand reach by encouraging further engagement on social media.

Thinking about advertising on television? We can help your business to get onto TV, streaming platforms, regional campaigns, satellite-only campaigns, and national terrestrial TV campaigns.

  • Television (digital and analog)
  • Print Ads
  • Radio
  • Internet media like websites, blogs, and podcasts
  • Online Streaming
Press releases are to inform journalists and members of the press what news is currently happening at your company.

Press Release

A press release is a piece of news or information that companies send out to inform the public about something noteworthy or of material significance.

Every business wants to be credible. A press release is a fantastic way to build your credibility! Consumers view press releases as a trusted source of information. It is especially useful for start-ups and growing small businesses to get a positive word out about themselves.

  • Product Press Release Ideas
  • Customer Press Release Ideas
  • Marketing Press Release Ideas
  • Business Development Press Release Ideas
  • Company Press Release Ideas
  • PR Press Release Ideas
  • CSR Press Release Ideas
  • HR Press Release Ideas
  • Interviews & Awards
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