In today’s era of digitalization, technology has disrupted the picture, how communication and information conveyance has become fast, reliable, valid and crisp. We have been working, at Citta to fulfill this craving for our clients and their customers to make the process more sustainable, unique, modern and useful. One of the growing requirements served by our team is towards smoothening the operation of the school management process. Each educational institution has four critical quadrants.

  • Administration

  • Academicians

  • Students

  • Parents

Our solutions keep in center the balance and importance of all four sections.

The administration has plenty of jobs to be done as a backbone of this diligence. They have to be quick and impactful to felicitate students, faculties and parents with resources, services, and finance-related departments in the simplest, impactful and robust way. Starting from the academic calendar, pay related data, exam results, ongoing events, celebrations, achievements, etc. Teachers must get the information, access, and their routine work done through this through online platforms. Their routine duties like marks entry, attendance entry, syllabus updating, teaching plan design, and updating, etc. get quite smoother. These enable them to focus their primary job to teach students and create interest among students. Students should have access to their activities, plan, the motivation for involvement and other data. Parents should get the update from school about calendar, results and instructions from school management. Digital know-how of students and parents today, effortlessly exploits channels, as the experiences offered by these mediums are critical. Felicitation to them is at boom these days. Many of our educational institute clients have already aspired success in this direction. Parents and students seek and being served by the most advanced possible extension of the revolution in technology is our primary objective. The personalization with the extensive experience in the field makes Citta, the competitive anchor in this field.

Citta solutions are committed to strengthening the backend model of the business the most innovative way.

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