In the era of digitalization and urbanization, day and night new constructions are going up and up. At Citta Solutions, we work to empower construction companies. We have got proven track record and plenty of experience in this field too. We design customized solutions for construction companies as per their requirements. Starting from large account management, workforce management, resources management, raw material management, maintaining the progress of each project being handled or which is already completed in the past are the essential forefront being covered by the solutions created.

Innovative, realistic, compelling yet straightforward design assures each aspect being taken care of smoothly. The system solution designed covers every aspect for managers, assistant managers, directors, raw material providers, engineers, site workers, and the clients of the project. Our team is employing technological innovation and invention at its best.

Our construction management software helps construction companies in managing all aspects starting from raw materials procurement and estimating to job expenses and overall assignment management as well. In recent years, construction management software is a necessary and vital part of any firm. Keeping this in mind the groomed expertise of our teams are working day in day out in the direction of betterment and evolution. It is almost impracticable to track progress and liaise with contractors without a strong syncing backbone. The most advanced systems designed by us help our clients allowing you to assess construction risk, and control costs with at least a primary accounting platform. As proven, it is very likely that robust construction management software will also increase the quality of your services and management.

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