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With over 4.66 billion Internet users, which is growing at breakneck speed, Ecommerce is one of the largest growing industries around the world. India is the second-largest e-commerce industry in the world on its way to surpassing the US eCommerce market. This gives the idea of stiff competition that eCommerce businesses are facing today, which is also a valid reason for businesses to embrace advanced business software solutions with eCommerce ERP being one among them.

Industry Pain Areas

Attracting the Perfect Customer

Building a healthy client list can seem like an overwhelming task that takes step by step through the entire strategic attraction process.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

When a potential customer starts the checkout process but leaves without making the purchase is known as shopping cart adandonment.

Capturing Quality Leads

Every 100 visitors to the average e-commerce store, maybe 1 or 2 of them will convert. What happens to the other 98 or 99? It's unclear which is the biggest challenge for owners

Converting Shoppers into Paying Customers

79% of leads i.e, those people who have shown interest in your product, are never converted to sales. Only 5% of salesmen said the leads they get from marketing are of very high quality. Sixty-five percent of customers are lost due to disinterest and not mistakes.

Data Security

Today’s retail industry is characterized by a customer-obsessed, an omnichannel approach that unifies online and offline experiences. This calls for re-architecting the application stack to optimize global supply chains, remain compliant, and harness customer intelligence. And, security remains a critical piece to this transformation.

Digital Payment Failures

To be direct, declined payments can have a negative impact on your e-commerce site, even if they’re not your fault. They can cause delays in your income, and lead to both canceled memberships and lost customers.

Improvement Analysis

Omnichannel Customer Experience
Competitor Analysis
Technological Approach of Selling
Eazy Product Return & Refund
Cloud Back-Up
Banking API's
GDPR Compliance
Faster Checkout Options
Search Engine Optimisation


54% of companies surveyed expected that digitalization would increase their revenues (PwC Global Digital IQ Survey 2017).

- hollingsworth



The evolution of base technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics or Blockchain/DLTs and the pressure on business effectiveness they generate, will create a favorable environment for the development of such solutions.

- hollingsworth

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Case Studies

Our Success Stories

Fight Song - Wichita, KS, United States

Anti-Bullying Application with confidential messaging and multiple modules

Redwop Production - Rajkot, India

ICICI Banking API's in multiple modules ease accounting

Krishna Constructions - Kampala, Uganda

Optimize and enhanced budgeting process with BI implementation

NB Landmark - Ahmedabad, India

Advance interaction tools kept the process stable in COVID situations

Nitco Logistics - Jammu, India

IoT and Geo-Location based Real-Time Tracking in Fleet Management

Redwop Chemicals - Rajkot, India

Branch Interconnection with IoT implementation increased productivity

GEPL - Kheda, India

Updated traditional processes with Product & Process Automation in Industrial IoT

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