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Citta - The Great Indian Company

"Citta" is an ancient Sanskrit word signifies "the mind as associated with the heart." It's an expression of our combined strengths and commitment of "intellect + passion" - we are committed to providing the highest level of intellectual pursuit to solve our clients' challenges with a strong sense of passion. We know the power of knowledge and information and with that we can make this world a better place for all.

Citta Solutions specializes in management, website designing, web portal development, and software management to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing. Our team members are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge of current standards to get your projects done correctly, quickly, and on-time.

As the Internet continues to serve as the world's largest marketplace, it is our mission to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients best-in-class solutions from start to finish. We have the experience to provide you with unmatched quality of services, skillfully created to your particular demands. If you heard about it or seen it, we are ready to deliver. If you haven't - we will build it for you.

We combine our client's vision with our creative team’s innovation to bring out the best possible visual presentations and websites that serve as the platforms to connect with our client's prospective customers. We facilitate web designing and development to ensure that each of our clients gets projected the right way.

We partner with brands to communicate their stories through the most creative designs.

We are a team of...

Individuals, Innovators, Free-Thinkers, Collaborators, Technologists, Creatives, Partners, Believers, Talented, Passionate, Productive, Original.

We are small enough to give your company personalized attention and apparently big enough to deliver practical solutions for your needs.

Our primary objective is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients and partners and we maintain each of these relations with trust, professional approach and quality service delivery. One of the core philosophies at Citta Solutions is to keep it simple. Our processes are designed to address your needs and satisfaction with your requirements.

We know the value of Human relationships.

Established in September 2009, Citta solutions has a mission of creating astonishing IT solutions. Citta Solutions mission is to develop compelling and cutting-edge solutions, helping clients to maximize their reach online and offline. From Strategic Consulting to Marketing Research, Website Development to Internet Marketing, Citta Solutions has experience in delivering customized turnkey solutions. Citta Solutions is dedicated to empowering the clients by helping them to extend their business model around internet audiences and technologies. We combine the latest information technology solutions with robust management and organizational development expertise. In other words, we understand core business issues and can help you envision, plan and successfully accomplish any business objective.

We create a sustainable competitive advantage through improved information processing and decision-making capabilities. Improve your sales & market position by facilitating the development and execution of strategies to identify and exploit emerging market opportunities.

Streamline and increase your operational efficiency by combining innovative organizational development methods with cutting-edge information technology. We harness the power of the internet with applications and solutions to meet your current business needs and to accommodate future growth opportunities. We use powerful technological and marketing solutions to provide you with unmatched performance for the best value around. Attention to details and adaptive availability are the qualities that we undertake to enhance our customer experience. We offer a unique service based on our ideas, styles, tools, and techniques - all for your success.

Why only Citta?

Citta is the only indian company working in many verticals.

We are a company where people are supportive.

Our work environment is free and happy, where you can groom yourself and grow to your full potential.

You will get opportunities to learn from multiple technologies if you are interested.

In our company, employees are treated as team members, not as workers.

Employees in our company are absorbed in their work and maintain cordial, professional relations with all colleagues.

Team leaders in our company are a great source of inspiration for other employees.

Our company provides learning on many new and upcoming technologies.

about us

Citta Solutions Business Strategy

Great Business Analytics Skills

Citta Solution used Great Business Analytics Skills which enables detailed elaboration of our customers’ business ideas for the best-suited implementation solutions.

Individually-Tailored Collaboration Approach

Individually-Tailored Collaboration Approach to offer flexible payment methods, contract terms and our specialists’ onsite presence availability.

customer service
Superior Customer Service

Superior Customer Service providing 24/7 complete project transparency, adjustable working hours and local representatives available for immediate assistance.

Citta Solution's Methodologies

Citta Solution's Methodologies ensuring short time-to-market figures, iterative approach to software development and particularly fit to win the competition in the dynamic online marketplace.

end to end
End-to-End Services

End-to-End Services comprising creative software design, business analysis backed by prototyping and data visualization services. Also end-to-end services development itself, hosting, support and maintenance.