Today it is unanimously known that the world is migrating towards at fastest pace. In recent years we can say the way people’s PURCHASE has changed fundamentally. As the high-speed data is availed at a fingertip and the technology revolution brought 4G & nearly 5G handsets. People purchase almost everything these days online. Our team at Citta Solutions has been able to gain a reputation in the field of e-commerce business, as a leading sustainable solution provider.

The felicitation focused for these solutions are for the customer, seller, and the e-commerce company. AI-based design clicks correct customer with correct product advertising. The customer is provided with most decent sorting for his/her search. Desired products are precisely showcased to the potential customers. As customer orders something online, it gets notified immediately to the seller, e-commerce client and the courier channel. From the database and sorting facility, the estimated delivery time gets calculated, and the customer gets notified.

Timeline management is essential then after. The seller keeps it ready for courier services, to be picked. The most optimized route is calculated by the system from the database of each store and sorting facility in between. Our solution covers all these aspects in detail for the best performance.

The best of the solution focuses on core processes like,
  • Order collection and initiation

  • Logistics

  • Order planning

  • Order association

  • Transporter selection process

  • Cargo release

  • Freight claim management

  • Freight payment/reconciliation process

  • Proof of delivery

  • Accounting

  • Inventory management

All these aspects are critical factors focused on the solution designed at Citta by our team of experts.

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