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In the online world of sophisticated and customizable products, the Internet can offer more than just electronic order forms and data transfer — it can provide customers with automated tools to custom configure products. Our team at Citta develops a variety of solution for Custom House Agent Management Software also proficiently. The basis for an online customer decision support system that offers product configurator functionality. A prototype for such a system, based upon the types of matrix methods employed in the process of quality function deployment, is described. In accumulation to the expansion of a new and functionally useful application that offers value-added implications, the prototype design provides a basis for organizing and advancing essential implications concerning the key features and enablers of online custom configuration.

It aims at developing a framework for evaluating the user-level marketing performance of location-based social network services. It has proposed a conceptual model to measure the marketing success of a firm participating in location-based services (LBSs). In order to test the research model proposed. The results of data analysis reveal that information quality, system quality, and trust have no significant effects on intention to use LBSs, but significant effects on user satisfaction. Furthermore, findings indicate that user satisfaction has a significant impact on marketing performance, whereas intention to use LBS has no such effect. Key phases focused for such solutions are:

  • Maintain documents of each consignment

  • Maintaining quotations

  • Current status of the consignment

  • Trace consignment details

  • Increase efficiency of maintaining documents

  • The web-based solution so, access from anywhere

  • Shippers and Importers can directly check document status online Customized reports

  • Customized reports

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Custom House Agent Software

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