Compatibility Testing

At Citta Solutions, We Perform A Variety of Software Compatibility Testing:

  • Hardware – Compatibility Test – is performed to check whether your software is working correctly with other various hardware configurations or not.
  • Operating Systems – The second stage is the manual testing, which features the software product testing to be carried out manually and the software is finally full-proof safe. Therefore, writing and developing test scripts is as essential as purchasing the software. Compatibility testing requires thorough out knowledge and experience of working with the most updated software which is what we, at Citta Solutions excel in.
  • Software – Sometimes, it happens that newly developed software does not work in compatibility with other software. The compatibility testing service provided by us rules out any such possibility.
  • Network – In this compatibility testing, the performance of a system is evaluated thoroughly in a network with a range of parameters.
  • Browser – Our browser compatibility testing ensures that your website works in different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Devices – Try our compatibility testing solutions to check whether your device is compatible with the latest versions of portable devices and printers.
  • Mobile – Now, compatibility test for mobile gains much significance. It is best to check your software through our Mobile Compatibility Testing so that it can work in compatibility even with other mobile platforms. In addition to these, we also offer application compatibility testing to verify that your software application is functioning smoothly on different versions or not.