Web Design Service

Website design service

Web Design Service

Every company is different and therefore each website design we create will reflect the client's requirements and characteristics. Representing a compelling web image is imperative to give your company an online niche. Every successful organization knows that web presence is a valuable marketing tool. It doesn’t matter that in which type of business you are engaged. In the past, it was merely good enough to have any sort about presence online. With more and exceeding industry being conducted over the Internet, however, a company's online image can no longer be an afterthought.

We do believe that the first impression is the last impression. When any customer visits the website, the first thing that appeals are the design, be it a corporate website or any online store. If website design is influencing, it will remain in their mind for long, and research shows that more than 90% of visitors get back to the website due to an attractive style. However user-friendly interface and functionality also play a significant role, website design plays the prime position in getting customer and building the brand image of the company.

  • We, at Citta Solutions, believe in creating a long-lasting impression rather than first impression. Our strength lies in creating innovative and fresh designs utilizing the latest technologies in cost-effective price.
  • Being in the industry for several years, we understand the seriousness of business and aware that there are many companies out there which offers the same kind of services as we do.
  • We assure you that you can trust us, and we will provide you tailored website designs as per your target audience and business segment. We ensure that we offer you web designs customized to your needs, business industry and potential targeted customers. So far we have served numerous business industries all over the world and 200+ satisfied client base globally.

Our Website Design Service Includes

Responsive Website Design across all devices

It is the concept of developing a website design, in a manner, that helps the lay out to get changed according to the user’s screen resolution.

UI/UX Interface Design

Interactive wireframes imitate the look and behaviour of the User Interface (UI) to allow for sophisticated Usability Testing on real users.

Customized Designs as per Customer need

Customization of designs as per customer needed is helping companies to give satisfaction to the customer.

Home Page Design

Attractive homepage design is important to attract visitors to visit your website for long time.

Customization from Readymade Templates

Customization can give you a different identity and an alternative look.

HTML/CSS Conversions from PSD

Better customer satisfaction.