Over the past decade, Citta solutions has established itself as an explorer in software analysis and has continued to invest in research and innovation systematically. In this rapid-changing world, exploration of early-stage disruptive technologies is the key to managing technology risk and staying relevant to our consumers. By creating mechanisms and frameworks for software development, Citta solutions has been able to deliver significant and complicated projects for clients around the world. At Citta solutions, we work on various research areas such as analytics, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, smart devices, and the IOT (internet of things) among others.

We research arising fields to contribute to global thought leadership and create a cerebral foundation to address current and future business and technology possibilities. The areas in which we are proceeding research are:
Software Solutions
Business Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Software Services
Embedded System
Data Security
GPS Tracking
Citta Research

Research is the base on which robust innovation is built. Citta solutions rely on research-based innovation to determine consumer challenges and produce impactful solutions. We have a chain of Innovation Labs that are focused on fields and technologies, and which facilitate agile proofs of concept that can later be scaled to commercial offerings.

“We believe that if you are facing any problem, understand it first, find a way to resolve it, and present the solution to yourself.”

Research Careers: We seek researchers who will improve our work in the core research domains, create R&I assets, and heighten the visibility of organizational abilities. We offer an intellectually exciting research atmosphere. If you are from a leading institute and would like to attempt a Research career at Citta solutions, please write to us at