SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

One of the essential components of online business is building a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases. SSL certificates develop a foundation of trust by authenticating a secure connection. To assure visitors their connection is protected, browsers provide visible cues, such as a lock icon and green bar. SSL certificates own two keys: a private and a public key. These keys work collectively to establish an encrypted connection.

Who needs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)?

Anyone who needs to transmit information over the internet securely requires the use of SSL. SSL is not just for securing credit card transactions and should be used for protecting all levels of sensitive information when communicated over the web.

Why you need SSL?

  • Securing online credit card/ debit cards transactions.
  • Securing web forms and consumer logins.
  • Securing email and webmail applications including Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Exchange and Communications Server.
  • Securing corporate communications on extranets, intranets, internal networks, sharing and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Securing communications on cloud-based platforms and virtualized applications.
  • Securing transfers of data over https and FTP.
  • Securing information sent and received via mobiles and tablets.
SSL Certificate