Our talented team will make sure that the software on which your business runs on works smoothly without any errors.
Types of Testing Methods used by our team before delivering any product are:
Manual Testing

There are many things that one needs to keep in mind while installing and of them, manual software test is the safest of all methods. Automated tests may not be able to show up a slight...

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Usability Testing

This is a process done to expose the defects in the product pertaining to its usability. As we are living in an era of information sharing over the internet, new websites get launched almost...

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Compability Testing

At Citta Solutions, We Perform A Variety Of Software Compatibility Testing:

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Installation & Security Testing

Smooth installation without any hiccups. Checking if the software meets all the end-user requirements. Checking if the software is compatible to the desktop or the mobile OS and...

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